DIY Monday – Floral Pockets

So i know these have been around all season but here we are in the height of summer and i still haven’t found a pair i love! So I’ve decided its time to do it myself.

Step 1. First thing’s first, hit your nearest oppie and pick up a pair of jeans. If you like hipsters, try for a brand name (as i have with ‘Sportsgirl’) or if you like high waisted go straight for the Levi’s, they’ll never let you down.


Step 2. Cut them – The best way i find to cut them is to put them on inside out and mark the spot with some fabric chalk (normal chalk works too) leaving them a tiny bit longer at the back to allow for your bum. Try them on again to make sure they are perfect. After they are exactly how you like, give them a wash to loosen up the threads at the bottom for that authentic look.

Step 3. Grab the floral fabric you love (old hankies are great for this as you need little fabric and are super cheap) and place it over a back pocket, tracing right around the edge. Cut right along the line making sure the floral pocket fits over the denim pocket exactly.


Step 4. Hand stitch the fabric on with a colour that blends into your floral. Note: I like to dab a little glue on each corner beforehand to hold the fabric in place as I sew.


And there you are! The sewing part is a little tedious but completely worth the finished product.


Find more cut-offs at

 Next week on DIY Monday – Felt Fox Necklace

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