‘Randy Andy’ 4 Music & Movie Lovers

Just stopping in quickly to send a shout out to my good friend and fellow blogger ‘Randy Andy’

A complete nutter for all music (as well as any movie/sitcom with a storyline) Andy is the dude to turn to when your looking for a fresh, experienced and honest reviews on albums, movies and tv shows. Mixed in with a dash of social commentary and a humour that always lightens the mood.

Check his blogging skills here…


Music Lovers head here for a dance  any day of the week…



Winter Boho

Sometimes its hard to stick to your Boho roots in the depths of winter, so i wanted to share some of the inspiration i’ll be musing on over the cold season, as well as my 4 Winter rules to live by.

  • try sticking to Autumn tones throughout; deep reds (maroon), greens (khaki), tans, and black.
  • Stick to Fabrics like Leather, Fur, knits, denim and fringing. Cut back on showy jewellery or any bling featured outfits. 
  • Invest in a pair of sturdy and comfortable winter boots and let the puddle hopping begin. 
  • Fedora style hats and a tussled mane give you that relaxed look and keep you warm at the same time!