Stockholm Stomping

One of our BB beauty’s (Miss Savannah Rae Rubie)  has gone wandering through Europe and sent us back a few shots to lust over from our office chairs. These pics were taken around Stockholm and all whilst wearing Boheme Bimbo Leatherette Athletic Shorts.

Paris-8 BohemeBimbo-5paris-1 BohemeBimbo-2 BohemeBimbo-3 BohemeBimbo-4 BohemeBimbo-5 BohemeBimbo-6

Vegas Baby!

Today i head to the desert. Nevada desert that is! In fact as you read this i am most likely up in the clouds watching my 3rd Mark Wahlberg movie.

Even though this is my 4th time in Las Vegas i could not be more excited. There is so much to discover each time i go and i can never seem to get enough.

The best part of travelling to the is the US this time of year is that it is Summer. Meaning amazing warmth and advance viewings of summer styles that inspire and  leave my mind to race with ideas of styles, colours and fabrics that i cannot wait to work with and bring back to OZ.  So exciting!

See you on the other side Bimbo’s!