DIY Monday – Vintage Soy Candles

 Soy Candles are the greatest. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they can burn up to 15 hours and smell flippin’ fantastic.

What you’ll need:


  • Container: I found the perfect base for my candles, antique crystal bowls. You could also use glass but I love the shine and weight of crystal.
  • Wax: I bought my wax on eBay, 10kgs foir $70. Seems expensive but That’s a great deal for those who don’t know about wax at all, and why would you? or even just melt down some old candles around the house.
  • Wicks: Again i bought mine on eBay and they come with the wick holders attached to the bottom which saves time cutting wicks and shoving them in the holders, i’m sure there are much better things i can do with my time.
  • Sticky dots: I used some adhesive dots from Kikki K i had lying around from last years forgotten scrap booking. You can use small squares of double sided sticky tape if need be.
  • 2 pots: 1 of them you won’t mind letting go if if this all goes wrong. Or one you dislike immensely.  Preferably one with a lip for pouring.
  • Wick holder: I like to think i’m a pro so i have an actual metal wick holder, but paddle pop sticks or chopsticks will do the job just fineeee.
  • You’ll also need your favourite scent in the form of an essential oil, You can grab these from almost anywhere.

I’ll be loosely basing todays  DIY on instructions from The Thousands.

First things first, make sure your container is clean and dry…

Secure your wick to the base of your holder and cut your wick (tip: Keep the piece you cut off as you could use it for some smaller candles in future)


Once you have your wick in place and ready to go,  place soy wax in a pot and place pot inside larger pot of simmering water. Watch your wax happily melt away. Its hard to know exactly how much wax you’ll need so i always have a second glass ready to go in case i have extra wax. Alternatively you could pour it into a container and break it up to use at a later date.


Once wax is fully melted now is the time to add your fragrance to your liking. Give it a good slow stir. 

Quickly and calmly pour the melted wax into your waiting container being careful not to pour to quickly to prevent waves and knocking your wick over.

. Use the hot water from the underneath pot to rinse and wipe out the wax pot, or alternatively just leave the pot to dry and use as your candle making pot forever.


Pour yourself a cup cammomile and wait for your wax to harden.


I’m loving my finished product and gosh damn does it smell good!


Next time on DIY Monday – Floral Bow Ties!