Met Gala 2013 – Best & Worst Dressed

IMO,  no one hit  ‘Style’ on its proverbial head this year.  In fact i spend most of the time horrified. i believe they all missed the memo stating that standing out isn’t necessarily the same as standing out, if you know what i mean.

Anyway, here are my picks for best dressed…



Proof that spikes are still trending..


Cam shows us how to be different with out going over the top.


Miranda doing cut-outs like a boss, although ever so slightly underweight.


Mrs Timberlake joins the punk craze without going overboard. Love it.


I think this is the best i have ever seen Kristen look, she may have actually put some effort in to this one.


This one will get mixed reviews i’m sure, but i like it.  Her hair and make up work perfectly to let the dress do all the talking.


Giselle rocks out in this metal mini


Unsure how i feel about this one, i love the hair and the edgy look Anne is channeling, it’s just the feathered sleeves that are throwing me…


And my picks for worst dressed…


I LOVE SJP as much as the next gal but i believe this headpiece to be hideous.


Pink overload..


I’m sure you have all seen this pic by now. Talk about your matchy matchy. A bit of a neckline may have helped break this up a little.


Where to begin? Was this a costume party and i wasn’t aware?


Mads has stepped into a time warp and thinks it the 80’s again.


Kelly Osborne is said to be an authority on fashion these days… um…


Well, that’s everyone  i believed to be noteworthy this year. Each for their own reasons.

 In a way celebs are like  catwalk models, their outfits are overly elaborate to expose the style of the season, but are not wearable for us normal humans.  Safe to say, punk is in, but lets tone it down a little, yeah?



DIY Monday – Felt Fox Necklace

This weeks DIY inspiration comes from amazing fashion/DIY bloggers Lauren & Erica @ Honestly WTF.

As i am quite the novice at DIY and cannot be trusted with any leather related goods just yet,  i decided to try my hand at making a felt version of this necklace. Denim would also work.


What you need is a sheet of felt (whatever colour tickles your fancy, i’m still caught up on fluro lime and grabbed this piece from Spotlight), a leather punch, some gold or silver chain and matching open hoops; i’m using 0.08mm sized, and jewellery pliers.

The team at Honestly WTF have graciously supplied their cutout for downloading, which you can access here to scale up or down as you wish. Or, simply choose your own stencil!

Step 1. Once you have sized, printed and cut out your stencil lay it on top of the felt and use a black texter to colour around the edges. This is a great way to accurately cut out your felt.


Step 2. With a texter, mark where you want your holes on each ear and along the bottom making sure they are evenly spaced. Use your leather rotary punch to make the holes, or if you are using felt you can use any sharp object such as a pin to make a big enough hole.

Step 3.  Cut your neck chain the length you like and your bottom hanging chains all the same length of your liking.  Use your pliers to open the exact amount of hoops and thread one through each of your pre-made holes. Slide the chain ends onto the hoops, using your pliers to close them securely as you go. For something different add beads along the chain or to the ends of the hanging chains for a more tribal look.


Step 4. Wear with pride and tell all about your creative prowess.


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