RAW: Natural Born Artists – Sydney Showcase

RAW Directors hand-pick and spotlight local artistic talent in film,
fashion, music, visual art, hair & makeup artistry, and performance art. With artists from all genres in each showcase, RAW events come together to form an amazing one-night circus of creativity.
These showcases occur once a month in each city location.
Get your ticket through the link below to show your support
for local artists and be part of the fun! Tickets only $15!

For your $15 you dont just get live music, runway fashion shows, burlesque, dance, short films, and a whole load of visual art, photography and accessories design, it also Includes drinks by Brokenwood Wines and canapes by Danny’s Bistro upon arrival, It’s a pretty sweet deal for $15.

Check out the event deets here


and grab your $15 ticket through the link below. Tickets are  available on the night for $20.


To see what to expect take a look at this vid shot at the recent showcase held in Brisbane…

7 Days of Clean Eating For Bimbo’s

Hello fellow heath-goers!!

I want to start by saying i am in no way an expert in clean eating, just someone that enjoys a healthy, active lifestyle and strives to treat her body well to live that life better .

My first interaction with clean eating came in October last year when my mother-in-law told me about the beneficial aspects of Chia seeds. I did some research of my own and  by January, without knowing it, i had started on my own clean eating diet. 1 lost 2.5 kilos in 10 days, unaided and using my very own eating plan. A few weeks later i saw reference to ‘clean eating’ on a friends personal training website and started researching more. The more i looked the less i found(!); ‘clean eating diet plans filled with highly processed, expensive and exotic items.

PicMonkey Collage

Just like everyone else i have been through diets-a-plenty, just recently having participated in the ‘I Quit Sugar’ diet. To my frustration i find them all to be difficult to carry on and only ‘short term solutions’. I don’t believe we should deprive our bodies of sugar (especially natural sugars) or fat, or carbs.

So i’ve decided to try and find a balance. We were born to live of the land so live off the land i shall. For the next week i will show you how you can easily replace normal meals with unprocessed foods, while monitoring weight, mood, energy levels and cost to show you all the benefits of living healthily.

The diet i have made up is my own, made up simply from my  own experiences and research on clean eating and healthy living. I’ll try and keep it as simple and informative as possible allowing you to take  it as far as you like or just stick to the basics.

I’ll be eating every 3 hours and I’ll of course also be cutting out alcohol, soft drinks etc as well as consuming 5mls of water per kilo of body weight each day. And the best part is, i will really be making each and every dish so you know a real person has cooked and enjoyed it.

So here’s to a great week, see you tomorrow for day 1!!