DIY Monday – Rubber Band Tie Dying

I’ve been wanting to tie dye something, anything for a long while now. So this is essentially my practice go. I’m going to start with the easiest and most traditional style; rubber banding.

What i’ve got is: A t-shirt, a packet of dye (which dye you get should depend on the fabric content of your garment, i’m dying polyester so i’m using a variant that works specifically for polyester and nylon), rubber bands, a large pot, a pair of rubber gloves and skewers.


Start by banding your top. Make your bands as tight as you can and think carefully about where you are putting them i.e.: dont put two right at the front of your top as you might garner some extra attention in the bust area. I used all thick bands as that was all i had around the house but ideally grab a bag of multi-sized bands to create different size circles. You can also use string for thinner, more defined circles.

banded up

Now, follow each instruction on your packet exactly. And beware! The liquid will stain anything it touches, so lay down newspaper, tarp, a parachute, anything, and don’t use your grandmothers antique wooden spoon yeah?


Let it boil for 30mins -1hour, depending on your fabric to dye ratio. I packet of rit can colour up to 1.3kilos so im pretty safe with 1 top in a whole packet. Use tongs and gloves to remove the fabric, i poured my water out on the grass, and rinse thoroughly. I did this in the laundry sink. Carefully undo the rubber bands…


…and hang to dry.


Iron out and wear, sell or give as a gift.

Next time on DIY Monday – Soy Vintage Candles.